Creative Bathroom Tiles and Trends for Redding (and the World!)

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Trends in just about everything come and go – that’s why they’re called trends. From bellbottom jeans to cheap rubber bracelets, there’s almost no telling what the new fad will be. But there’s one trend that seems almost as timeless as facial hair: decorative bathroom tile in the home.

While custom tile definitely is nothing new, what is new is the selection of tiles that today’s homeowner now has. Advancements in manufacturing technologies and the ever-increasing efficiency of worldwide logistics has made virtually anything with tile. And at surprisingly affordable prices, too!

According to HGTV’s Douglas Trattner, some once-were usual types of tile have been becoming quite trendy in the home. Some examples include:

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Glass Tile

Glass tile, whether in small multi-colored squares or large and structural such as glass blocks, are an excellent touch to the modern bathroom. Glass blocks allow for the passage of light so that your bathroom can be vibrant while allowing for privacy in outside facing walls or shower walls inside the bathroom. Glass tile mosaics can create a beautiful and artistic decor in any bathroom while catching and reflecting light, adding to the overall luminescence of your home bathroom.

Metal tile really exists? Yes! And there's a 5 star tile contractor in Redding who can install it for you.

Metal Tile

Yeah – you read it right: metal tile! Believe it or not, you can get tiles in just about any material these days. Even Home Depot and Lowes have tiles made out of different metals that will both add a unique look and longevity to your home, including stainless steel. Check it out if you don’t believe us!

Wood Tile

What would you do if you just HAD to have a wood floor in your bathroom but your kids just won’t stop leaving their wet towels on the floor? Or your 9-month old has just discovered the joys of splish-splashing in the bath and you end up with more water on the floor than is left in the tub? Thank goodness for simulated wood tiles. Available at pretty much any major custom tile retailer, wood tile can give you the classiness of wood with the durability of tile.

Picture-Framing a Window

Framing your bathroom window with tile is not only a unique decoration but it also adds to the durability of your window frame as well. Where once there was exposed wall collecting over spray and moisture, now you could have a beautiful tile frame around your window sill made from porcelain, ceramic or pretty much any type of tile you could imagine.

The possibilities with tile are ENDLESS!

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