Frequently Asked Questions

We're honored that you've come to EC Tile with your questions! We think you've made the right choice because, frankly, we'd like to think of ourselves as the "Redding Authority" on custom tile contracting.

Frequently Asked Questions About EC Tile’s Custom Tile Services (FAQ)

How much does it cost to get an estimate? Do you do free estimates?
Are there any ways I can save money on my custom tile project?
Where can I go to pick out tile for my home or business project?
Does EC Tile work with granite?
How long does a home custom tile project take?
Can you replace a broken tile in my floor, wall or shower?

Planning the Perfect Custom Tile Home Improvement Project

Do I need to hire a plumber when working with tile in my bathroom or kitchen?
Do I need to hire an electrician when working with tile in my bathroom or kitchen?
Do I need to hire a painter for my home project?
Do I need a general contractor for my custom tile project?
What is the best tile to use in my home or business?
Does it cost more to set my tile diagonally?
Is it better to use smaller tile than bigger tile?
Can you set tile on top of drywall in a bathroom shower?

Care and Maintenance After Your Tile Project Has Been Installed

How to clean my tile and stone flooring.
How soon can I walk on my new tile floor?
I found cracks in my floor. Should I be concerned about it?

Common Questions Asked by Do-it-Yourselfers (DIY)

Can I seal my ceramic or porcelain tile?
Should I use grout sealer to seal the grout around my tile?
What tools do I need to set my own tile floor?