There’s really nothing better than tile for your kitchen floor when it comes to value, durability and easy cleanup. Wood floors look classy but they wear out, they creak as they age and require more care. Linoleum or vinyl flooring is cheap and looks decent at a glance but it lacks the enduring style and value that a tile floor will add to your home.

Here are 7 Reasons to Choose Tile for Your Kitchen Floor:

  1. Durability. Your kitchen floor is a high traffic surface that will take a beating (kids, dropped items, scooting pet bowls, water leaks, moving appliances and all sorts of stuff). You can choose from many durable and beautiful types including ceramic tile, the harder-denser porcelain tile, stone tile that’s as old and hard as the earth, and many more.
  2. Easy to Clean. Tile will forgive you when you spill the milk so you don’t have to cry over it. Just wipe it up and give a sweep every now and then. You won’t have to worry about spilled matter soaking into it as you might with wood.
  3. Variety. Tile comes in all sorts of materials besides the ones mentioned previously. There’s also travertine tile, marble tile, granite tile, glass tile, metal tile and more.
  4. It’s Timeless. How many times have you walked into a house and thought or said, “Boy that linoleum looks like it came from the [decade]!” Tile, on the other hand, has been a whole lot longer and is less prone to changing fads, especially when you choose natural colors and finishes. Not to mention your tile floor stands a lot better chance at looking new after a decade of use.
  5. A Great Value that Adds Value. When selling or renting in a competitive real estate market, you might just need every point you can get to add appeal to your home. Appeal translates into value and the price the home may bring. There’s a tile for just about any budget and it will add a special something to your kitchen floor.
  6. More Sanitary. Since tile is not porous like wood, it’s generally more stain, odor and bacteria resistant. Surfaces that harbor bacteria can be a breeding ground for it and will spread bacteria whenever stepped on. Tile can be much more easily cleaned and disinfected for the benefit of your family’s health.
  7. Fire Resistance. Since most tile is made from non-flammable media, it’s much less likely to catch fire or burn. A spilled pan of hot grease or a knocked-over candle will not pose a serious threat of catching fire.

A Useful Resource

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