A sampling of the types of tile that we install.

Glazed tile installations for kitchens, bathrooms and home remodels in Redding, California area of 530

Glazed Tile

Whether it’s a vanity, shower, backsplash or a comercial project, glazed tile has been there through it all. It comes in anything from standard sizes to sleek rectangular size tile and also works in a long list of fashionable liners and accents. You wont fall short of options when it comes to creating an inspired addition.

What does ceramic tile in a Redding, California kitchen or bathroom look like and are there any installers here?

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is a product you can count on.

It comes in a diverse array of colors and patterns. From the elegant, highly-polished marble look to even a simulated stone, it provides virtually unlimited options for your design needs. Ceramic tile is often compared to porcelain tile and viewed as inferior – but it isn’t necessarily the case! Not every home tile application requires the added characteristics of porcelain. Appropriately using ceramic tile instead on your interior projects can save the homeowner a pretty penny.

Does porcelain tile come in polished finish and does anybody in Redding install it?

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tiles have really become an affordable product for the North State community. While porcelain has been used for making tiles for many years, only modern production methods and quantities has made the porcelain tile available for the average householder in recent years. You can’t go wrong with porcelain tile because of its properties including its suitability for both interior and exterior projects and it is highly abrasion resistant so it can withstand the traffic of a busy household. Though most porcelain tiles tend to lean towards a “natural stone” look, there are in fact many styles to choose from. Appealing to both classic and contemporary tastes, porcelain tiles can be a medium for any designer.

Redding, California glass tile installer specializing in kitchens and bathrooms

Glass Tile & Blocks

As you can see by some of our past work, glass block is a timeless look that’s here to stay! When you like natural light to shine through but want to preserve privacy and obscurity, glass block is a great way to go. It comes in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

From the top of a pony wall, full radius shower wall or exterior wall, glass block can enlighten any project. So don’t be shy and step outside of regular glass partitions.

A sampling of the types of stone that we install.

Where to find a marble flooring or counter top installer in Redding in Northern California that is local?


Just mention elegance in the tile industry and marble nearly always tops the conversation.

The word “marble” derives from the μάρμαρον (mármaron), from μάρμαρος (mármaros), “crystalline rock, shining stone”, or perhaps from the verb μαρμαίρω (marmaírō), “to flash, sparkle, gleam”. When you’re looking for that “marbled look” on your countertop, shower, floor or just considering a liner or accent, marble is king. There is nothing more captivating than adding marble to your project.

Does granite come in tiles so that I can do a kitchen counter or bathroom backsplash in Redding, California on a budget?


When it comes to architectural beauty, there’s just no subsitute for natural stone. Artfully installed granite tiles can change the whole dynamic of your project with just a touch of rock or a full piece on your countertop. Each piece of stone has it’s own unique pattern and look.

Most types of stone we work with are available in 12-inch by 12-inch pieces. So if you’re looking for the enhancement of beautiful stone on a budget, setting beautiful granite tiles is an excellent cost-saving option with stunning results.

What is travertine and is it a trademark material? Does anybody in Redding, Chico or Red Bluff install travertine tile in kitchens or bathrooms?


Despite it’s trademark-sounding name, travertine is a form of natural limestone deposited by mineral springs, especially hot springs. The Romans mined deposits of travertine for building temples, aqueducts, monuments, bath complexes, and amphitheaters such as the Colosseum, the largest building in the world constructed mostly of travertine.

From a soft pillowed edge to a rugged chiseled edge, travertine is a material that became very popular during the building craze in the northstate in 90’s and has endured through the 2000’s until now. Aside of its soft elegant look, travertine is also easy to use to fabricate its own bullnose edging, eliminating the need for trim. From a designing perspective, adding contrasting accents and inserts with other natural stones makes a great look too.

Does slate look good for a Redding, California house? I'm looking for the best tile installer to do a kitchen remodel and also in my bathroom.


There are many areas that slate tile can be used. A very multifaceted material, slate is appropriate for use in interior or exterior applications. With styles ranging from a natural cleft tile to a honed and polished, it can be installed just about anywhere; patios, fireplaces, main flooring and even in your shower. With so many colors and textures available, slate makes it easy to design the right natural look for your project.

Why simulate with porcelain, when you can use the “Real McCoy”!