Redding, CA Travertine and Glass Block

This project was a definite favorite of ours!

It took a great deal of concentration for our crew from start to finish. The initial challenge was deciding with the general contractor exactly where to frame in the section with the 120 pieces of glass block. There was little room for error and many factors it would need to align with.

Firstly, we mortared the walls and the radius pony walls followed by precision plumbing and leveling of the walls. The pony walls were done with 20-in. x 20-in. strips that turned out beautifully. The main walls of the shower were the next challenge – accented with a piece of Cosmos marble?that was 6-in. x 7-ft. and 3/4-in. thick. The main floor was a 5-tile Versaille pattern over 1/4-in. hardibacker.

In the end, the customer and we were amazed with how beautiful the finished product was.

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